Freitag, 4. Dezember 2015

Loving yourself

While you are reading that, listen to some good vibes
In life people will go through ups and downs, sometimes people will feel free and sometimes they will fell depressed.
There comes a time when they will build their world up on other people and feel so bound to them that they sometimes forget themselves.
Many people are going through the pain of not knowing their own worth and,even if it just happened once in their life, they will feel that they are not necessary to specific and loved people.
And if that has happened ones, their lifes will break down and everything will change completely.
The biggest fight that a human being will ever have,  is the fight with himself.
The person can not understand why the person, who he loved so much, can be that heart-breaking and does not care at all.
Then he needs to realize that there is just one thing in life that lasts forever… HIMSELF
Because it do not matter which people you will meet in your life, they can be gone in just a moment..
The only thing that matters is how you act and fell in all that time.
People can change us, they may influence us in such a big way that we sometimes do not realize it.
So learn to love yourself and make yourself bound to YOURSELF.
Begin to learn how to love yourself and realize that YOU are an unique and irretrievable special human being in this big, big world.

So keep on loving yourself, YOU are great and perfect the way you are and nothing in this world should have the power to control you or to bring you down.
It is YOUR WORLD, so live it the way you want to.